A ShadowDog Production

Here we are on the first day of the trailer shoot. We had so much sun that we had no need of artificial light. When we began principal photography in October, it rained every day we were at the prison.
Hannah Rose Fierman and Juan Carlos Guzman tolerate the nasty old prison like champs.
A super AD and a wonderful actress warmed up the dreary set with her consistent smile.
Jeremy Denman,
The best sound guy you could ever hope to work with.
Script Supervisor, Jake Almond, joins the team on the prison set. It made my job easier because I had a reliable crew that was so much fun to work with.
JC is such a proffessional, studying his lines between takes. As if the abandoned prison didn't look bad enough, we decided that it needed to look a little worse . . .
Marcus Dunlap,
Crew Chief
Dexter and Jake take a
momentto review the
dialogure for the
next scene.


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