A ShadowDog Production

Judia Filigate, played by Hannah Fierman, after a visit from her evil sister Jaymie.
Jaymie Filigate, played by Vanelle, is dangerous even without her gun. The drugs that enhance her speed and strength have made her a bit psychotic.

(Left to Right) Foutz, Jeremy, Dexter, Vanelle, JC, Gabe Dimeglio (Mooseman #4) & a computer genius.
Dave Brown, relaxing on the set, plays Mooseman Richard.
Doug Hammond fills the evil doctor's coat of Dr.Walker.
After numerous minor script "alterations" by Foutz and Vanelle, Dex hits the Twizzlers pretty hard! Dave and Poncho Hodges (Mooseman Alex) have some fun with Jake between takes by suspending him 2 feet off the floor.
Writer & Executive Producer Dexter Goad wears some valuable philosophy on his shirt.
(The irony is that Dexter is always working to achieve his dreams)
JC plays John Stiles, a man held against his will after the murder of his brother, Larry, convinces him he's in business with the wrong people.

Jason Giuliano plays brother Larry.

Doug Hammond hangs out in the background.

Vanelle tries to lead us in a verse of "Koom-bah-yah"
Marcus wondering how many people know about that pink insulation incident . . .

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