Successful Scriptwriting by Wolff & Cox
A truly great scriptwriting book

John Truby
Great scriptwriting courses

Writer's Guild of America, West
You should register with the WGA before
shopping your script to protect your work

Final Draft
In my opinion, this is the best scriptwriting
software on the market. Testdrive the
downloadable demo and see for yourself.


Headshot Duplication

Anthony Short
Wolfgang Lackner Music

Computer Animation:
Ian Lang

Tony Craig
Kelly Yates

Movie Fight Choreography:
Ron Balicki
Kung Fu Master Weldon S. Bankston, III


Film Making in General:
Dealmaking in the Film & Television Industry
by Mark Litwak

A great education on the Entertainment Industry

Contracts for the Film & Television Industry
by Mark Litwak

Education is the best defense against sharks that
run the place. This book lets you peruse industry
standard contracts.

I don't know where I acquired this glossary of film terms, but it's very thorough and worth reading.


NC/SC Contacts:
Carolina Filmworks, LLC

Image Impact Group

NC Film Commission

Charlotte Film Commission

Carolina Pinnacle Studio

Screen Gems

Blue Ridge Motion Pictures

Represent yourself with quality business cards