Movin' House is a short film written and produced by John Foutz at Foutz Studios for the Tribecca/ short film contest. It meets their two requirements: it's under seven minutes long and is family friendly.

Click her to see how a ring was made to disappear.

A film by
Foutz Studios, LLC

Written by
John Foutz

Directed by
John Foutz and Robert Filion

Directors of Photography
John Foutz and Robert Filion

Edited by
John Foutz

(In order of appearance)

John Foutz

Davis Osbourne


Bonnie Johnson

Jeremy Denman


Ayden Dolphino

Moving Man






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When it came time for John to perfect his Australian accent, he found 882 6PR talk radio through the internet. After listening for a couple of days, he emailed the studio to let them know he was enjoying their programming and told them a bit about the project. They called later in the day and asked if John would do a phone interview the following day! It was a blast talking with Millsy and Tony Mac and learning more about Australian slang. This conversation even changed the short films title from "Moving Day" to the Australian term "Movin' House". Thanks for the help!

To hear the interview, click here.


Special thanks to Hanh Tran, the owner of Little Tokyo (found in Albemarle, NC), for accommodating our needs for the restaurant scene in the short film. Hanh is an aspiring actress/model whom you will see again in a future Foutz Studios production.


Movin' House features music composed by Wolfgang Lackner. Hear more from this great musician at his web site.


"Gorillas in the Midst" is also featured in the short film. You can find out more about The Urban Sophisticates at their web site and watch their music video for Apartment 3A.

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