"John Foutz has one of the most surprising Voice Over ranges that I have come across. Naturally possessing a commanding voice, he also has the ability to perform roles that most would not expect of him. From the overly testosterone driven superhero, to geeky teenager, to guy next door, Foutz can give any client the performance they need for their project. He is extremely professional and prepared for studio work and his congeniality makes him delightful to work with."

- Vanelle, Magic Tribe Pictures



The NebulaCX platform by Kampyle. from Kampyle on Vimeo.


 "I have been producing voiceover for a decade now and have worked with over 120 voiceover actors during that time period. John Foutz is one of the two best performers I've ever worked with and I can tell you exactly why:

He commits.

Whatever the character, whatever the role, John Foutz commits 100% to it every time without reservation. This has been true for each of the over 100 roles he has performed for me since 2007.

In addition John Foutz has command of dozens of voices, dialects, and age ranges to choose from ... Making him invaluable for long term projects such as animated series.

And to top it off he takes direction well and is a pleasure to work with."

- Dexter Goad, Shadowdog Productions



 “John is the ultimate professional. He brings a lot of energy and 100% dedication to every project that he works on. Highly recommended.”

- Brian Conlon, Producer