Foutz Studios has gone through an evolutionary process in the last 14 years, so here's the tour:

I created this logo as a college project. Ironic, isn't it, that the blue egg would later become the blue marble in the current iteration of the logo.

Between discovering 3D modeling on the computer and the fact that I wanted to visually represent that I could design with both digital and natural media, I created this portrait logo.
Never satisfied, I decided that my logo needed some color and clarity. I also felt like the term "Illustration" didn't exactly relay "Design" so I added that to the name.
While there were a lot of clients who liked the logo with my face on it, I thought it might not be professional enough to gain the confidence of the Fortune 500 companies so I designed this newone. I was amazed when my clients told me they missed the old logo.
A slight face-lift came in 1998 when we incorporated.

I knew I was getting back into video production in a big way, but I wasn't going to stop doing design and animation so I decided the company's name should reflect a broader array of services.